How Big Is That Thing?

Let’s face it. A picture is worth a thousand words. Even more so on social media. But making sure the subject of your image displays front and center is key. So here you go. The 2018 social.medianimage cheat sheet we use at Telos Alpha to make sure the imagery we create for our clients for and display perfectly.

The Landing Page – Nailed It

Anyone who knows us knows we are, in fact, bag whores.  Personally I have a fetish for EDC bags that goes back to well before my tactical days, and have a decent collection. The CFO however has stated that I must start recycling them to free up equity (wife said I have to sell some before I can buy more) for future purchases. I might go this route for winter or off reservation (read: holiday or business travel) daily carry. I have a Valance now, and use a TAD Axiom for EDC when I have to jacket and layer up.

On the marketing side of the house, the product announcement page over at ITS has some FANTASTIC images that really show the bag off in a series of lifestyle pictures. The page is a bit busy, but it has all the information I need to decide to buy. Which I will. Once I sell something. 😀

Check it out.

PFC Ballistic Off-Body Bag

Greg got interviewed by about his CCW rig. He has taken a lot of flack and stirred up controversy with his choice of off body carry, but honestly, after watching this video, I am convinced that this is how I am going to carry in the future.

The PFC Ballistic Off-Body Bag, aka B.O.B.B. is well covered in this video, and I think I am going to head out and buy one.

Article here: Ballistic Off-Body Bag

Bag can be purchased here: PFC Ballistic Off-Body Bag

And Another video from the manufacturer Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts on how to set it up and maximize its potential.

The Magic Camo Viral Video – Explained

So there has been a lot of stir over this video, as demonstrating some new camo technology that is utterly amazing. As media producers in the firearms industry, we are always conscious of being honest with our film. Making sure that there is not too much “Hollywood” in our productions. After all, we are influencing where people put their hard-earned money, and that is a responsibility we ned to, and do take seriously.

The original video didn’t come across as malicious, but the headline was misleading on more than one share when it was going viral. I put together a short (and very basic) video on how it’s done and the basic technology behind it.

Firearms Marketing and Facebook – Part Two

In Part One we looked at why Facebook can a be a resource intensive and low ROI marketing tool for business in the firearms sector. That doesn’t mean abandoning it, however, as the platform has some great tools and opportunities which are essentially free to the business. In Part Two we looking at what Facebook does well, and in Part Three we are going to look at how we can get around the marketing blocks we encounter as firearms owners and “monetize the ad platform” (use Facebook ads to sell stuff in normal person speak…). 

You may have noticed that we have strayed from the original topic that Part One said this article was going to cover. We realized that this topic goes deep, but it’s a bigger project that we initially scoped (how is that for consulting talk?). As we progress and research, we keep adding to the body of content. What we thought would be a couple of articles is turning out need several. We want the information to be as clear as possible, so hang in there and we will make sure we cover everything properly. – Brent

So we now understand what Facebook won’t do for us. We understand what our boundaries are (for now) as firearms and martial companies operating a presence on the medium. So let’s focus a bot on what Facebook can do for us.

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Runenation – Words From the Clinch

Runiation LLC is a … well… let’s let Ian (CEO and Chief Educator) explain it. He does it best:

Runenation is a consulting and education company specializing in the constant growth of the multidisciplinary tactician. Too often in the “gun world,” you see people who are drawn to a singular tool in lieu of looking at the bigger picture. It isn’t solely about the gun, blade, grappling, striking, medical, fitness, or verbal acuity. It’s a constantly evolving skill set that you put a varying amount of effort into throughout your life. Like the rings on a tree trunk , it will grow as long as you put in the necessary effort. I’m constantly evolving how I teach so as to bring the best knowledge to my students which will allow them to be better able to answer the call if violence is the only option. We are more than happy to give the offered training and customized training to any law-abiding citizen, law enforcement officer, military and security professional.

If you value a strong opinion, extreme ownership narratives and an overall ethos of personal responsibility, then this blog is for you. In this article, he communicates many of the same beliefs we at Telos Alpha regard as prime. By prime we mean they are core to our way of life. They shape the things you do every day. They are the template you use to creates the good daily habit that foster progress, improvement, and Mastery.

We are looking forward to training with Runenation LLC and will be following their “Mind Fuel” (a much more engaging label than BLOG) daily.

Valkyrie Combat – The BEOWULF Glock – Reborn

We are developing a close ongoing relationship with Valkyrie Combat. In addition to our CEO being the CTO of Valkyrie Combat, we deeply respect the work they are doing. In the shop and on social media supporting 2A and in firearms rights in general. They always promote a respectful and professional relationship with firearms and advocate for training. All things we at Telos Alpha hold in very high regard.

This is our latest video promotion for them. Shot during SHOT Show 2018 at the Pro Gun Club just outside Boulder Nevada.

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SEO and Firearms – Part One – Charity Starts At Homepage

Often as firearms marketers, our clients are looking for the silver bullet, the one thing we can do to take sales to the next level. Just as often, I get this question from companies that haven’t done the basics yet. This series of articles is going to give you an overview of the online marketing landscape, where you can get started fast for the least money, and just how far you can take it.

This is like someone just starting out in the bodybuilding world taking tons of supplements and potions from day one. When you are getting started you don’t need all the fancy stuff. Just get lifting and when (if) you actually get to a point of diminishing returns, then you can start looking for the high testosterone marketing angles.

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