Get Ready To Get Ghosted
Product Release Marketing Campaign

The new Grey Ghost Universal Shotgun from S&J Hardware launches in a few short weeks, and we prepared a complete Pre-Launch campaign designed to pre motivate customers to buy. To ensure no cold feet, we are going into greater and greater detail with each video and promo culminating in a full review by our shooter of choice Earl Green from Phase Line Green Tactical.

The idea is to keep potential customers appetites wet as we work up to the release date, but also to segregate the content so people who buy for aesthetic reasons can just watch those movies, and people who want ALL THE DETAIL can find that in another film. In short, we don’t drag everyone through a 15 minute video, and keep people more interested as a result.

These are the first two videos. The teasers show more and more the of shotgun as they progress. Watch here for more updates as the campaign progresses.

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