SHOTS FIRED! Shopify Rolls AntiGun Policies

August 14, 2018
August 14, 2018 BrentAlpha

Shopify is a platform we have been working with for a few years now. We have had many assurance from Shopify to our clients at all levels that they were not anti-firearms, and as long as you could source third-party credit card processing, you were good to go. FYI…Shopify’s internal processor is STRIPE, and they have always been anti-firearm anti-gun.

The recent policy change went from “No High Capacity Mags” to ,among other things:

a semi-automatic firearm that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, with one or more of the following items:

  • magazine capable of accepting more than 10 rounds
  • bump stock
  • rapid fire trigger activator or trigger crank
  • barrel shroud
  • thumbhole stock
  • threaded barrel capable of accepting a flash suppressor, sound suppressor or silencer
  • grenade or rocket launcher
  • flash suppressor, sound suppressor or silencer
  • pistol grip (or in the case of a pistol, a second pistol grip)
  • forward pistol grip

This makes it impossible to sell pretty much anything but shotguns, and alienates practically every firearms related store in Canada and the USA.

We try to guide our clients to the best solution, and from a strictly technical perspective, they are one of the most robust solutions out there. There ARE other solutions available. They can be more or less expensive that Shopify depending on your current Shopify subscriptions, but they put you and your business solidly in control of your web environment.

Telos Alpha has begun severing tis relationship with Shopify, and will no longer be a Shopify partner once we have migrated our current clients off the Platform.

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Brent is a long time IT guru, ex-Army Reserve (no tours) gun loving fool who parlayed his IT and firearms addictions into a filmmaking and marketing career. He has been in the firearms/tactical sector in Canada and the US in various roles for 12 years. Currently he is CEO at Telos Alpha, CTO at Telos One, and volunteers his time and skills at Quinte Humane Society and the Trenton and Belleville Military Family Resource Centers.

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