Valkyrie Combat – The BEOWULF Glock – Reborn

February 16, 2018
February 16, 2018 BrentAlpha

We are developing a close ongoing relationship with Valkyrie Combat. In addition to our CEO being the CTO of Valkyrie Combat, we deeply respect the work they are doing. In the shop and on social media supporting 2A and in firearms rights in general. They always promote a respectful and professional relationship with firearms and advocate for training. All things we at Telos Alpha hold in very high regard.

This is our latest video promotion for them. Shot during SHOT Show 2018 at the Pro Gun Club just outside Boulder Nevada.

First a word about the folks at Pro Gun Club and the facility itself. The staff and management are fantastic and are always willing to help out at the drop of a hat when we film there. Even during SHOT when they had multiple events going on (Daniel Defence had a big shindig there this year) they still managed to accommodate us. The facility is world class as recreational ranges go. If you ever are in the area and get the itch to shoot, please do head over and ask for Bobby Lim. Tell him Valkyrie Combat sent you. They will take great care of you.

We regularly preach that while we formulate and manifest the video, graphics, and brands of our clients, we are NOT Subject Matter Experts on our client’s product or services. Yes, we can tell a muzzle from MOA, and have been in the shooting industry for years. But we can’t realistically develop the depth of knowledge for all our client’s products. That’s where the knowledge and passion of the people we work with really comes to the forefront.

This video was ad hock. I was in NV for SHOT and other business, and we decided the new Beowulf features needed a video or two to properly highlight in on certain media channels. Greg knows his stuff. COLD. This was ONE TAKE. Well, two actually because we lost sound on the first run (by “lost” I mean I forgot to turn on the mic). Greg is a testament and shining example of a business owner who deeply passionate about what he does. It’s a pleasure to work with people like this. They put all the fun…back in da game. They make us look like rock stars and vice versa. The best relationships in business, in our experience, work like this.

Always listen to your passion. It will make you shine like nothing else. And let’s face it, when it comes to marketing, he who shines the brightest…



Brent is a long time IT guru, ex-Army Reserve (no tours) gun loving fool who parlayed his IT and firearms addictions into a filmmaking and marketing career. He has been in the firearms/tactical sector in Canada and the US in various roles for 12 years. Currently he is CEO at Telos Alpha, CTO at Telos One, and volunteers his time and skills at Quinte Humane Society and the Trenton and Belleville Military Family Resource Centers.

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